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Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Resort Description


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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the island state of India and are located in the Bay of Bengal at a fairly remote distance from the mainland (1400 km). The Andaman Islands consist of 550 small islands, the Nicobar Islands - from 20 islands. And only 40 of these islands are inhabited, and 10 are open to tourists. These islands are a closed zone, on which there are many national reserves, for their visit it is necessary to obtain a special permit.
On the Andaman and Nicobar Islands the most popular are the following beaches :
- Corbina is considered the best beach near Port Blair. Fine white sand, a green palm cover that hides vacationers from prying eyes, and a high-class hotel «Peerless Resort». Not far from the Corbina Cove (30 km to the south) is located Chirya-Tapu - "Bird Island". You can reach only one single road that passes through the jungle, swamps and small villages, and ends in a huge bay with shell beaches.
- Havelock Island - a colorful coral reefs, a rich underwater world (fish, dolphins, turtles), clear water and clean white beaches, including the famous Radhanagar and Vijayanagar with a diving center. And if you stroll through the forests of the island, you can meet even elephants.
- The small island of Viper Island is in the harbor of Port Blair. Rest on the island with confidence can be called real bliss: quiet cozy beaches, fine sand and abundant green territory of the island.
- The island of Diglipur has located 136 km from Port Blair. The resort is famous for its beachfront Ramnagar, where oranges grow and hundreds of colorful fishes are found.
- In 136 km from Port Blair is located the quiet beach of Karmatang. On this beach, it's easy to meet giant turtles, which are constantly laying eggs here.
- Fans of ecotourism will appreciate the island of Rutland, where you can stop at the cottages Totani Resort. From this point, you can start an exciting journey through coral reefs or mangrove thickets of the island.
- Wandoor is another remarkable place for ecotourism. This is the gateway to the famous national park of Mahatma Gandhi.
- The island of Neil is famous among fans of snorkeling.
- The island of Baratang is unique in its ancient architecture and nature, which reached our times in its original form.
- Long Andaman Island is an ideal place for an absolutely wild rest, completely separated from civilization. However, for this, it is necessary to take with them not only camping equipment but also food.
- Barren Island is the only volcanic island in India.
- Little Andaman really liked surfers.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands can be reached in several ways.
By plane to Port Blair (the capital of the islands) from Delhi and Chennai. During the tourist season, air tickets are much more expensive and there are difficulties with availability, so it's better to take care of the purchase of air tickets in advance.
By sea, you can get from Chennai and Calcutta to Andaman by regular sea flights. However, the road in this case sometimes takes even a few days (56-60 hours).
Between the islands themselves, a ferry service is organized and helicopters fly, the timetable and prices for which are on the official website https://www.and.nic.in In addition, the high-speed catamaran runs the island of Havelock and the capital of Port Blair. On the islands, you can move around on auto-rickshaws, taxis, and scooters.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

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